What is parcel forwarding ?

Parcel Forwarding UK provide this service for people living outside the UK looking to purchase from online UK shops. We give you a UK address so you can buy item(s) from UK shops and when they are delivered to us, we forward the parcel on to you.


How much do you charge for this service ?

Parcel Forwarding UK charge £5 to forward a parcel.


Does that include the cost to post an item ?

No. The cost to post the item is separate and we have a page dedicated to shipping costs depending on the weight of the item. 


How do I get the UK address ? 

Fill in the 'Free Sign Up' form by clicking here to receive your UK address straight to your email.


What type of address does Parcel Forwarding UK provide ?

We provide a normal postal address that is accepted by all UK sites which offer delivery within the UK. 


What types of items are unsuitable for international sending ?

Fragrances including perfumes & aftershaves, aerosols, alcoholic spirits, nail varnishes, pharmaceutical drugs, liquids over 1 litre – please click the link for a full list of prohibited items: http://www.royalmail.com/personal/help-and-support/Tell-me-about-Prohibited-Goods-overseas


How do I pay for this service ?

We accepts payments via PayPal.


Do I have to have a PayPal account to make the payment ?

No, a PayPal account is not required to pay just a credit/debit card.


How does forwarding work ? 

STEP 1 - Sign up FREE to our services by entering your delivery address and email address details into our subscription form, you will then receive a Free UK address sent directly to your email address.

STEP 2 - You shop UK online stores using the Free UK address provided.

STEP 3  - When we receive your order, we will send you an email notification and include shipping options for forwarding your order to you.

STEP 4 - Once you have made your shipping choice and paid via PayPal, we will ship your item to you. 


Can I track my parcel ? 

Yes you can track your parcel if you request and choose a postal service that includes tracking.


Does Royal Mail 'Standard Airmail' provide a tracking number or code ? 

No, the Standard Airmail service does not provide tracking. 


Do Royal Mail 'International Signed' or 'International Tracked & Signed and your courier services provide a tracking number or code ?

Yes they all include a tracking feature.


Can I use Parcel Forwarding UK to forward and ship prescription drugs ? 

We do not ship drugs, including all over-the-counter, prescription and legal drugs as well as illegal drugs or narcotics.


Can I use Parcel Forwarding UK to forward letters ?

No, we are solely a parcel forwarding service and cannot forward letters. 


Has Parcel Forwarding UK received my order ?

Parcel Forwarding UK will contact you regarding your order within 24 hours of delivery arrival at the UK address.


I have not been contacted by the online store I purchased from, can Parcel Forwarding UK tell me if my order has been dispatched ?

No, unfortunately online stores only contact the bill payer (you!) with information and updates regarding your order i.e. order confirmations, dispatch notifications. Parcel Forwarding UK are unable to find out any information about your order and will confirm delivery within 24 hours when your order arrives at our UK address.